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It's hitting the streets now!

It was a super busy weekend getting the print edition of the new Hazel Park Commemorative 75th Anniversary guide ready and packed up to go. The team at Ferndale Friends News - who published this booklet worked many sleepless nights to get this edition printed and ready to go. Thanks to the team for being so fun to work with. I was responsible for the design of the editorial articles, cover, indexes, and informational pages. I was able to grab a few copies for my files and to look and think about what I would do differently next time around. It's always special to work on these grassroots community based projects- it's more personal and you can see the impact on the community and the city which is very fullfilling. It's inclusive and celebrates the city history of Hazel Park- which is having a kind of comeback these past few years- lots of development and change:

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