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Award winner - Finish2Fashion

This year I volunteered to be on my company's team for a charity event called "Finish2Fashion."

The event is a fashion design competition put on by the Michigan chapter of the International Interior Design Association. Our team which included myself, 3 interior designers and 2 product sponsors were asked to design a dress using building materials.

The design had to be inspired by an artist whose work was at the Detroit Institute of Arts. For our inspiration we chose Op Art legend, Bridget Riley. For 2 months at lunch hour we brainstormed, created inspiration boards, researched, experimented with carpet and vinyl flooring strips until we came up with a few ideas.

Our final idea included a dress made from hand woven vinyl floor strips cut into thin strips and weaved into an entire dress. The dress was trimmed with carpeting fiber tassles and a matching purse and sunglasses were made to complete the look.

To our surprise and joy- we won one of the top awards in the show - "Best Craftsmanship!"

I was very excited as I was the one who did all the weaving for the dress which took a few weeks of experimenting, struggling and then getting it just right!

Here's a gallery with our winning team and design and award!

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