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My career in architectural design began a long time ago. When the recession started in 2008, after being laid-off from an architectural project management position, I decided to use the time off wisely and go back to school for Graphic Design and Marketing. Now, in addition, to the years of experience I have in design and management, I work on the formation and design of beautiful branding campaigns using letter, shape and composition. 


What really captivates me about graphic design is the psychology of the visual message. The examples of how graphic design and text have influenced the world in music, cultural movements, history, political campaigns, and entertainment trends are endless. The power of this design

tool to create change is amazing and something to be used with care.


My work skills range from design for print, design of web assets, large format trade show display design, environmental graphics, exhibit design, interactive forms, print forms, pop up event experience planning, package design (my favorite), magazine page layout, advertising design, art direction, social media post design and tracking, email newsletter design, email blasts, conceptualizing and leading integrated branding campaigns and more.


I am also a talented digital photographer and you can see my work in the subject of music at my other web page which is at the link at the lower right of this page. 


If you have a project that you need complete please contact me: Cell: 248.506.7659  |  Email:

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