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Presentation Boards & Booklets

Presentation boards and booklets are the one chance you have as a business to present your idea to the client, bidding review board or a competition jury.

Here is an example of one I did for the Opportunity Detroit architectural competition. This was the work of a collaboration between myself and good friend Brigitte LeFort whom I worked with at Hamilton Anderson Architects in Detroit. The two of us entered the competition as a USA and Canada entry. The competition mission statement was to have all entries envision a use for the old empty Hudsons parking lot in Detroit and design that vision into a building or buildings.

We chose an ecological theme. We brainstormed for a new hip, organic, grassroots friendly green Detroit to rise from the Industrial age ruins. The early conceptual model was done in chipboard and helped us establish some blocks of programmatic uses like a new Detroit Rock n Roll Music Museum, a health club, eco hydroponic growing business, starts ups, pop ups, juice bar, and an open artists and farmers market area.

The board imagery was done with purchased stock photos, copy written by me, floor plans by me in InDesign, 3D sketch up models by Brigitte, two elevations of entry detail and living wall mural by me, 3D Chip model and hand sketches by me and board layout by me. It was a great collaboration and we enjoyed seeing our presentation board on the wall at the competition reception which was in the Summer of 2013! To see more about this look here:

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