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City of Ferndale Illustrated Map

As part of the 2020 Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce Guidebook project, I was asked to create a fun and playful map of Ferndale, Michigan. The Guidebook is being produced and published by Ferndale Friends for the Area Chamber.

I started by sending the client some examples of illustrated and very stylized maps of other cities and they honed in on a map of Cambridge that I found on Pinterest. With that as an established preferred style goal, I started my work on laying out all the streets and main landmarks. I then slowly added lists of businesses per the request of the Area Chamber.

Then, I playfully added people, trees, street names and a few squirrels here and there.

What resulted is a fun colorful map of the city that readers can enjoy! The map is a two page spread and the center of the newspaper guide which is delivered to all Ferndale residents.

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