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Magazine Cover Image!

I am happy to say my image of Blues sensation Danielle Nicole has been selected for the 2020 Blues Festival Guide. As someone who has been collecting these issues for over 7 years now, it's really surreal seeing your own photo on the front!

My mom always said to set goals that were attainable one step at a time and then the next step would come easier! Her 'chisel away at it' mindset has helped me accomplish many things I would probably never have done.

I just started taking the music photos on a serious level in 2012 right after my dad passed away. It was something creative I could do while also being a caregiver for my mom. My first official shoot was the Detroit Jazz Festival and it was a great experience! Now, here we are in 2020 and I have a portfolio!

I am really appreciative for the wide range of cool experiences I have accumulated so far in my life- its really been a diverse range of people and places! I have always been a wandering soul!

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