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Goodbye 2022!

Well 2022 was a good year for re-connecting with family for me. I was able to see my family in both Florida and Michigan. With new marriages and little babies my family is growing and it's been really refreshing to have all these new humans in the mix. Speaking of little ones - my Latvian kids book is doing well and I am hoping that it is helping to instill an appreciation of nature in their minds from reading it. In addition, my Ojibwe collaborative kids books are also being read and have been impactful in their small way in keeping the language alive. I spent a lot of 2022 in the great outdoors working on exercise and my health. Here's a few images from my year doing a lot of my favorite things and also visits with my family. I am very thankful for all of these experiences. Looking ahead to 2023- my main goals are to stay focused, maybe make a move, get my arms back in shape and strong enough to hold a giant camera lens, keep evolving and growing, volunteer with a nature group, maybe go on a few dates (Lol!) and to take some classes.


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