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Brochure Design for Architect

My latest assignment for the new brand I am working with was to envision a series of brochures in print that illustrate the range of building types the architect designs. My approach has been to work on a series of landscape formatted 9 x 6 inch booklets and use a clean modern aesthetic that matches the tradeshow display, new office interior and the web page. The cover is very simple and has the company logo at a large scale located towards the lower left while a book title is at the upper right. When the books are displayed in the plexiglass stands, the titles will show and line up and the logos will overlap, creating an nice repetitive and organized look.

The interiors of the books contrast the covers and contain full color images which are bleeds and some go across the gutters to the next page for a blast of color and luxurious architectural imagery. Many of the photos were also taken by me which really gives me a lot of options as the designer. The more assets to work with, the more ideas I can develop and visually communicate to future clients.

In this photo: Here are two proofs that came in the mail sitting on my work desk.

I like the paper weight, quality of the booklets and the color is very accurate. I think I will work with this printer! That makes me happy.

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