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Diamond in the Rough: The Beginnings of a new web page.

Got asked to do some conceptual ideas for a jewelry store web page. I was told to use burgundy and white and silver by the owner. This page is the main jewelry page for the client based in Florida. The other menu pages are in the works and may be edited as I suggested- too many menu tabs at the moment- we will see what happens.

So far, to explain the ''idea'' I used images found in media to create a ''look''- the client likes the ''beachy modern'' art direction idea- so the next step would be to find similar stock imagery and purchase it or do a photo shoot working with the look to have photo content/assets to work with. The jewelry stil lifes would be easy. The live models could be different for seasonal looks and could be done near the water and scenic areas with the same idea of showcasing the jewels on a skin palette or in simple clean model photos. I tried to keep the art direction simple, modern, classy and appealing.

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