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Working on some examples of magazine layout, story idea and my photography for futher development. I want to continue my magazine layout practice using InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat. This is an early conceptual story board. It would then be refined for flow, typography enhanced and typing content enhanced and tweeked. Paid advertisements real estate would be designated and also inserted which would change the flow and layout.

Using some Northern Michigan imagery from my travels, I started a rough conceptual layout of some story ideas for a magazine. The photography is all taken by me and the content was a result of my brainstorming on storyline ideas.

Margie Guyot is one of my favorite artists along with Greg Sobran, so it seemed fitting to honor her work with a spread. Her studio in Elk Rapids is like a Charlie in the Chocolate Factory experience for me everytime I visit. Strange stuffed animals peering around corners in her home, the blue bottle garden, the hot tub under the stars complete with Bobcat cam, and of course her amazingly color painting studio with the two main fixtures- her cats Picasso and Miss America. Each visit reaches deep into my inner child and awakens that magic we all had in art class for us creative types.

The other stories cover the fun sights one can see along Highway 31 and the fun and historical preservation success of Leland's fishtown. I placed the photos quickly and with more design development, hours on special typography and establishment of hierarchy- this magazine layout in the works will evolve into a final design. It's a work in progress. Stay tuned.


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