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Be a ''Markitect!'' Conference

Marketing and Graphic design do go hand in hand!

In November of 2015, I was able to attend the wonderful "Markitect" conference held by the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS). It was like a class reunion seeing so many people who worked with me at Hamilton Anderson Architects where I was a Project Manager and subsequently got laid off with 100's of others. It was refreshing to see how everybody fared! Very well!

Here is a shot during a break inbetween sessions- the conference had a funny skit about rock stars and used the SNL TV skit about more cowbell- very funny! The best part of the conference was on how to write and create a winning RFP response. True tips for those REAL jobs in the AEC industry.

It was a pleasure to be with so many talented peers and to also look back on my career and all the knowledge I have gained on the road and all the diverse creative opportunities I have been involved with. Not a straight typical road like most, but very zig zagged and adventurous- no regrets! I have enjoyed the ride so far. I think it keeps me young at heart too.

I certainly have not lost any ''spunk'' and I keep attending classes which keeps me engaged in new technology and processes which in the end has allowed me to select some great jobs and the ability to walk away from those full of negativity/dysfunction.

Health comes first! #Thankful #Happy


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