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DVD Box Set - Package Design

Just finished yet another really challenging package design. This project is a 5 DVD box set of movies about strong women.

Kill Bill, Million Dollar Baby, Thelma and Louise, Erin Brockovich and Norma Rae are the films for each DVD, I designed each cover around the concept of how the theme through all these movies is about how the women are all oppressed and pushed into the background or into areas of life they do not desire and then with some strength and perserverance they emerge from the background to become leaders at the forefront of an issue or in facing down their oppressors or abusers be it a relationship, uncommon career choice, corporation, union breaker or cruel assassin boss. They all reach some kind of freedom, liberation or justice.

With this concept in mind, I played with having the titles blend in and out of the background of the composition using similiar colors, gradients, and shadow to have the type read from the background to the foreground- sometimes blending, sometimes clearly sticking out. The backgrounds all have an abstract symbol that represents the movie and the title type is set on top of that symbol. I was going for a book cover feel.

Then each cover has a silkscreen halftone dot pattern to create some texture and unify all covers to each other and the box case. The color palette was chosen to be feminine, bright and bold like their movie roles.

The title of "Strong Women Collection'' was created to stand out in a separate style using the all-star idea with the woman holding a sign saying ''women'' with both hands upright and up high. It is a symbol of women pride, women are beautiful and women power. The star can also be a humorous twist on the red star or other political movements of the late 60's. It was my way of reclaiming it as a star as in all-star and to have a pop-art feel.

The box case uses the colors from all DVD covers and has symbols on each face from each movie further illustrating the theme.

The mock up was done by printing out the dieline and spraymounting it to black museum board. The box was folded and glued with double sided tape and constructed in one try.

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