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Kinetic Type - Commercial

For my first time using Adobe After Effects I have to say I am pretty proud to have created this short commercial. The proposed commercial was assigned and the copy was given to me.

I then developed the color theme, font selection, selected the sections of text to group together for the changing frames, found a stock art background image and purchased a music loop. Then all of these items were imported and slowly edited in Adobe After Effects by me.

The Adobe program is pretty user friendly but I have years to go in becoming an expert. For now I will stay humble and just appreciate the fact that I actually took the first step on that path. It took a lot of video tutorials, a lot of time sitting at a office desk and a heck of a lot of trial and error. I felt like a Jazz musician learning a new instrument- all new language and all new buttons to press. It's exciting, sometimes daunting as you can't yet express what you want to and it is also satisfying.

I think being a video art director would be a good job for me as I know the "Look or Concept" I want for this video, but would love a production team to help me bring it to life. #ILoveLearning

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