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Air Purifier Package Design

My current job as an in house graphic designer at HoMedics has me working on a variety of packaging designs for their wide range of sales items- from Massagers to Wireless Speakers - we layout all the dielines in office and obtain proofs for approval. This week I have been finalizing a box design for an Air Purifier.

The design is a set standard by the company- from the color palette to the typography - it's all pretty much outlined in our branding guidelines. What gets more challenging, is the areas of the box that are not covered in the guidelines. These items include new add-ons that the sales manager wants to add to the box, which are exploring all new territory in the guidelines. Thus a new standard eventually evolves in response to sales requests from their research.

Here's a small mini-mock up I made for the team so they could review these ideas. The dieline is in the background.

And here is the final TRUE size proof from the Printer! The box is about 30 inches tall! We moved the title on the side to the top and colored in the dog a little more so it reads better. Now we send the factory the proof so they can match the color and have a baseline for what the package should look like.

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