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Pop-Up Event - Photo Booth

This weekend I was able to participate on the successful execution of a fundraiser for the American Latvian Association (ALA). Our committee decided on an arts based theme and then we just ran with it!

I contributed my services in staging and running a Pop-Up Photo Booth. As a Latvian based group I brought props of Latvian and American flags, burgundy cowboy hats, funny glasses, gold picture frames & I hand made "Sveiki" signs to add humor and make the booth welcoming and fun. Guests would enter the booth space with a vintage backdrop, wear their chosen props and get a little goofy. Here's a few shots of our silly smiles. It was easy to do with my tripod and backdrop kit. The challenge is getting the guests started in doing the photos. Once one group goes, then it's easy, everybody follows.

The best part of the booth was the way the elders in the group interacted with the children at the event. To get this kind of engagement and see the smiles was a great experience. In addition to the Photo Booth, there was a really well done brunch with all kinds of appetizers, an acrylic painting group which made 20 paintings that then grouped into one giant painting, live music and a short Latvian film feature. We had great attendance and lots of positive feedback. Just look at all the smiles!

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