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Ferndale Friends Newspaper | Layout

As a resident and homeowner who has lived in Ferndale since 2000, I am really excited to have been invited to be one of the Ferndale Friends newspaper graphic designers. The layouts are done in a different software than my usual Adobe InDesign, so in addition to the challenge of coming up with fresh and cool layouts, I had to learn and entire new software in a few days. I now getting acquainted with Serif Page Plus Software.

For each new edition I am assigned, I start with a project folder for that edition where I keep all the copy, image links and other items safely organized in one easy place. I then start the master document files and import the content. After a basic layout I then re-look at it and think of a simple design or type change I can implement.

The current style of the newspaper is very eclectic and it prides itself on being inclusive, in support of diversity and community based. The design style is playful and eclectic too. The best part is reading all the new articles ahead of time and learning more about my home town and getting lots of new magazine/news layout experience.

I can already see each time I do a new sheet how they have evolved into better arrangements of type, kerning, spacing and composition. Practice makes perfect! or close to!

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