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Hazel Park City Guide- Final

As a graphic designer you find that the word "final" rarely means final. There's final, then ''final final'' and then sometimes "revised final final'' and many more. The Hazel Park City Guide has evolved in this fashion and I am glad for it. This new 75th Anniversary Commemorative City Guide will hit the streets next week. The bike image was the base and then I drew in the buildings, flagpole and the Hazel Park "Brays Donkey" on top. Then I added some horse racing and bike clip art for speed at the bottom. I selected the Intro and Oleo fonts as the area is becoming a Hipster hotbed. Hazel Park is also home to a horse racing track. Its going to be a fun booklet. I can't wait to see it in print- I will take a photo of the cover and interior pages.

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