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Community Engagement & Leadership

As part of my first year working for Stantec company ( as a Marketing Specialist and Graphic Designer, I volunteered to lead our Berkley, Michigan office in it's yearly community charity week. The week which is titled "Stantec in The Community Week" across the world, is where the entire global organization which is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, takes a week to have all of it's staff give back to the community in some form of volunteer activity.

As office leader I reached out to the local Native American Health Center in Detroit to see if they could use any volunteer help for their facility and programs. The group gladly accepted and my office co-workers started to help me plan the day of work.

As part of the planning process globally, I participated in regional planning meetings where things like budget, safety, and preparation were discussed. In addition, each office leader was asked to submit photos and a summary of their teams experience in statistics like "moved 50 cartons of food at food bank" or "donated so many gallons of blood."

To hear about our work at the Berkley office, check out the blog I wrote which was accepted into the global submissions, and now is a part of the corporate pages. For this I am proud, but I am even prouder of how I stepped up to plate as a new employee and brought together a team that made an impact in our community.

Photos and text by Brita Brookes.

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