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Master Plan Logo - Initial Concepts

The Three Rivers, Michigan Latvian Community Camp which has been in existence for more than 40 years is in need of a logo for their new Master Plan. The enclave which houses a summer elementary and high school, as well as cabins and beach access for it's older community is planning for it's future. The property is heavily wooded with Oak trees and pine trees. The camp was started as a way to have exiled Latvians who came to this country in World war Two, have a way to keep their traditions, religions and culture alive. Both schools teach a Latvian based education which includes language, folk dance, history, politics, traditional crafts, cooking, intensive sports, and more.

For my initial logo concepts I started to work with the idea of the oak tree and planting seeds for the future. Additional ideas of using a honey bee pattern to represent a growing hive for future Latvians were also explored. Each of the ideas would need to be carried across multiple platforms and media for their Master Plan campaign. The bee hive honeycomb pattern could easily be transferred to multiple scales from print collateral, to web to large environmental graphics or street banners.

Latvians love natural colors like amber, green and blue. They also love patterns.

These are works in progress for now- the logos are in the Latvian language.

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