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Staff Portraits - In House Photographer

As part of my job as a Marketing Specialist & Graphic Designer at Stantec Architecture in Berkley, Michigan, I was asked to arrange and take portraits or our entire office of 60 people due to my photography experience. With a new branding style having been implemented across the company globally, we now needed high contrast black and white photos to replace the casual color shots we currently had. With help from one co-worker, we set up a backdrop and light stands to create an in-office portrait studio.

These photos are used across multiple platforms for a wide range of uses such as profile photo in their Outlook email or Skype, LinkedIn, company resumes, promotional materials like banners and postcards, social media, blog posts and announcements.

I shot both portraits and some full length shots - which are used in our marketing proposals.

Samples of images after editing are below:

Examples of uses:

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