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Summer Camp Postcards

It's become a yearly ritual for me to design, deliver, setup and then take down a series of postcards and magnets that I created for a cultural community school and camp in Three Rivers. Michigan called Garezers which means Long Lake. Garezers was found in the late 1950s to be a place for Latvians who were exiled from their own country as displaced persons in WW2 as well as place for all Latvians to come and gather and celebrate all that it is to be Latvian. It has since become a premier summer school for both K-12 and families. I enjoy going there just about every other weekend in the summer to just chill out on the lake and hear the language spoken. It's definitely one of my happy places.

Each year I drop off my postcards at the gift shops for the summer kids to write home to mom and dad about their adventures. Yea, I know, who needs postcards when you can text and email, but the nostalgia of writing seems to be appreciated here, so I keep on making these cards! It also makes me smile knowing these get sent all over the world in the mail and end up on grandparents refrigerators or siblings bulletin boards. #family #love

Here's my racks and displays - a portion of all proceeds also goes to the Garezers Center, which makes me very happy!

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